Welcome to HOI Clothing

Branimira Ivanova started HOI in 2013 because she needed clothes that complimented her nonstop, day to night lifestyle.

Brani is an accomplished fashion and costume designer who specializes in working with theater and dance companies who is inspired by dancers, travelers, yogis, and dark alternative music and culture.

A longtime resident of Chicago, Brani recently re-located to New Orleans where she designs, cuts, sews, and prints all garments at HOI HQ.

The uber-talented Christine Kozol is mistress of photography and editorial eye candy. She is a Chicago-based model, photographer, and artist. Look upon her works at  http://chrystyne.net.   

Randall Sawyer is HOI’s resident shadowy operative mucking about with the website and marketing. He’s a lapsed dj and juggler of embryonic sideprojects.

HOI Gear

House of Idolatry is all about celebrating and exploring our relationship with motion in its myriad forms. From the purely physical movements evoked by the manipulation of one’s body, to the transitional motion inherent in life’s progression. HOI makes minimalist garments for maximal living.